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  1. I am in the process of learning (through DNA testing) my ancestry/ethnicity. ***…being sent to an orphanage at 6 months old, adopted at 9, living in California (where) it is next to impossible to open adoption records; DNA testing seems to be a last resort? at least, may provide some relief pointing to (where in the world) I most likely came from? Funny! I tell people how I was dropped on Earth – alone to the world! Ha!
    Oh, the other reason I need *my DNA testing* is: In my life, I was a working, single-parent raising 2 sons, 1 niece, later 2 grandsons, now I am old, through all my life (I never) had a decease, no medical problems – mental or physical; Always healthy and (I) incredulously appear much younger than my age! I wonder can the DNA testing ‘results’ answer this:”are my ancestors from a country of people known for their “longevity”? Thank you.

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