Family Tree University’s Genetic Genealogy 101

Family Tree UniversityFor the very first time, Family Tree University is offering an online course (a four-week, instructor-guided class with material, quizzes, and extra credit homework)  directed to genetic genealogy! Announcing Genetic Genealogy 101, taught by yours truly!

This course is designed for the beginner, and will take you through the basics of genetics, mtDNA, Y-DNA, and autosomal DNA (including understanding your results, using third-party tools, etc.). In addition to the materials, quizzes, and homework, there are message boards where you can ask me questions about DNA, about your research, anything related to DNA. And you’ll be able to connect with and learn from your fellow students (all from the comfort of your home)!

The class starts on Monday, June 16th, and every week for four weeks there is a new lesson. If you’re a beginner and really don’t know where to start with incorporating DNA into your genealogical research, or you’ve received your results and aren’t sure how to read them, this class might be a good fit for you.

As of this morning, there are 16 spots available!

Disclosure: I am financially compensated for teaching this course.

To avoid any confusion, here is a brief summary of the great genetic genealogy educational opportunities in 2014/2015:







Blaine Bettinger

Intellectual property attorney, genealogist, and author of The Genetic Genealogist since 2007

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  1. I have two concerns: 1. I have been tested with Ancestry.Com and was told-as others-that the company will not continue the DNA program after September of this year. Does that mean that all the matches, data, etc will not be able to be seen? 2. What happens to the Raw Material of your DNA when transferred to another company for testing, i.e. from Ancestry.Com to 23 and Me-which also tested my DNA? Thanks

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