My Tweets of the Week

Just took the @23andMe Longevity Survey – http://bit.ly/8DYAKC about 14 hours ago  

@tgoetz: http://bit.ly/4rkgsW – looking forward to get a fitbit; finally a scientific way to tell whether it really was a bad night’s sleep about 14 hours ago  

I would have guessed more – “Americans Consume 34GB of Content a Day” at Lifehacker – http://tinyurl.com/yl8y6hc 1:47 PM Dec 9th  

I guess I should drive safer – RT @ABAJournal: Lawyers Second Most Likely Professional to Be in a Car Crash http://bit.ly/4pzRlZ 11:54 AM Dec 9th  

I use @HootSuite to filter: #mhco @Rex7 – you must filter the firehose of social media. 11:29 AM Dec 9th  

Listening to Martindale Connected social media webinar for lawyers – @nikiblack speaking re: social media stats http://bit.ly/7Jyyxq #mhco 11:18 AM Dec 9th  

RT @genomicslawyer: Genes vs. environment and the role of genomic “dark matter” http://bit.ly/5TcsTl (HT @drjonboyg) 7:55 AM Dec 9th  

(*consultant) RT @genomicslawyer: Kevin Davies of @bioitworld has a nice review of the @PathwayGenomics DTC offering http://bit.ly/83J1vD 3:33 PM Dec 8th  

Thank you very much for the Genea-Speak Award @megansmolenyak! Your award was well-deserved! http://post.ly/EPBZ 8:47 AM Dec 8th  

RT @genomicslawyer: George Church shares his thoughts “In Support of Open Access for Genomic Research” http://bit.ly/7KDkuY 8:42 AM Dec 8th  

HT to Genomics Law Report for the idea of posting the week’s tweets!

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