TruGenetics Offers Free SNP Scans

TruGenetics is a genomics company offering at least 10,000 free SNP scans to those who register at their website.  Unlike most other personal genomics companies, TruGenetics users complete a survey to create a “personalized risk assessment survey.”  Not surprisingly, the tests are currently not available to New York residents:

New York residents: We are currently working with your state authorities to receive permission to operate in New York. We cannot take your information at this time.

There is much more information at genomeboy.com and Genetic Future, including insight into TruGenetic’s business model.  If you are considering this service, be sure to read and completely understand all the terms & conditions, as well as ALL potential outcomes.  You can also follow twitterer “achamedian” to learn more.

Disclosure: I am a consultant for Pathway Genomics.

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Blaine Bettinger

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  1. Any idea where we can do part 2 of the free offer, i.e. complete the survey?


  2. I am disabled and I am without an income now for 2 years do you think I could still get a snp.dna test done? Thanks for your time! Cindy

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