Article About Genetic Testing and Privacy at Salon.com

Peter Dizikes at Salon.com writes “Your DNA is a Snitch,” about privacy concerns surrounding genetic testing.  Peter contacted me a little while ago and we talked about some of my thoughts on the topic.  My opinion on the security measures at genetic testing companies was included in the story:

Early-adopting customers tend to agree [that genetic testing companies can protect personal information]. “They have every incentive to keep information private,” says Blaine Bettinger, a law student and genetics blogger in New York state and a 23andMe customer.” A security breach would be devastating for those companies.” Certainly well-funded firms like Navigenics and 23andMe can devote substantial resources to data protection.

I wrote a longer post about the importance of testing company protections last November (see “Security at Navigenics and 23andMe.”)

The Salon.com article is very well-written, and looks at numerous aspects of the issue.  There are a number of other people that I highly respect quoted in the article, including Misha Angrist, Hank Greely, and Linda Avey, among others.  Misha mentioned on his blog today, too; see “Peek-a-boo I sequence you” (Misha, I usually don’t announce my law school career unless I know it’s … Click to read more!