Did Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak Marry Her Cousin?

What are the chances that Megan Smolenyak would meet and marry a man with the surname Smolenyak without being at least distantly related to him? What if the two surname lines came from the same area of the world? I’m sure that everyone who has heard of Megan has wondered how she came by the double last name.

Megan writes “Did I Marry My Cousin” at Megan’s Roots World to introduce a new segment at Roots Television about how she used genetic genealogy to analyze the question. The segment is available here. I highly recommend stopping by to learn more about this particular use of genetic genealogy, especially since I’m not going to give you the answer!

Blaine Bettinger

Intellectual property attorney, genealogist, and author of The Genetic Genealogist since 2007


  1. Hey Blaine, thanks for the comment!

    Glad I could return the favor since I get so many cool links from your blog (for instance, this post).

  2. :-) Happy to help Megan! I thought this video was very interesting, and it’s always nice to hear good things about genetic genealogy.

  3. Using a library computer in England I am a bit miffed I might never know if it was cousins who married :-(

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