The Spring 2007 issue of the Journal of Genetic Genealogy

In case my readers were not aware, the Spring 2007 issue of the Journal of Genetic Genealogy is now available. This free, open-access peer-reviewed journal has been around in the Spring of 2005 and offers recent news and analysis in the field of genetic genealogy. The current issue has the following articles:

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Retirement, By T. Whit Athey, editor
Discussion of recent developments in the field as well as nomenclature issues.

Stacking the Deck: Mutation Rate in the mtDNA Coding Region, By Ann Turner
According to the article, “Genetic genealogists, who are obtaining full-sequence mtDNA tests in increasing numbers, are in a position to provide a “biased sample” for the study of the mutation rate in the coding region.”

Announcement: A New DNA Fund, By Katherine Hope-Borges
Announcing a new non-profit organization to fund genetic research.

Geographic Patterns of Haplogroup R1b in the British Isles, By Kevin D. Campbell
A thorough analysis of the distribution of Haplogroup R1b in the British Isles.

A Major Subclade of Haplogroup G2, By T. Whit Athey
Analysis of a G2 subcluster or subclade that is characterized by a repeat value of 13 at DYS388.

Blaine Bettinger

Intellectual property attorney, genealogist, and author of The Genetic Genealogist since 2007